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We offer peace of mind to cannabis CEOs with rock solid account and tax solutions.

Full Service Accounting Solutions for cannabis cEOs


The DOPE CFO VIP network is the leading US network of over 500+ CPAs, CFOs, Accountants, Tax Attorneys, Enrolled Agents, and Bookkeepers.

Together with the DOPE CFO VIP network, NTG Bookkeeping provides world class, rock solid accounting and tax solutions. We work with a team of experts, built to your specific needs, to provide cannabis CEOs with peace of mind through GAAP compliant, cost-saving, strategic, accounting and tax services.

We are responsive, organized, accurate and dependable.

Get answers to all your questions from the professionals specializing in the cannabis industry.

World Class Accounting Starts with Rock Solid bookkeeping

You can have the fanciest looking reports in the world but if the books are wrong, it doesn’t mean a thing. 

We start from the ground up so you can be confident in your reports and financial statements. 

This give you, and your investors, peace of mind knowing your financial reports are accurate, and supported!


You want rock solid accounting

We provide:

– Cleanups, Data entry, reconciliations, payroll, hr, month end close

– Perpetual Data Rooms, owned by you, to use anytime, day or night. 

– Month End “Tie Out” System and a Permanent Audit Trail

This leads to a better managed company, easier access to investor capital, backup for a state or federal audit, and adds huge value at exit or acquisition.

You want Improved cash flow

We provide:

Cash forecasting

Deep dive analytics for improved decision making

This leads to more take home money, ease of management and growth, long term stability and sustainability. 

You want World class reporting

We provide:

Full financials with P&L Analytics

Rolling Cash Forecasts

KPIs and Benchmarking

Budget vs Actuals

All built upon fully tied out, rock solid accounting data

This leads to a better ability to run and grow your business. You can identify, manage, and mitigate risks. Build a better plan for long term success and pivot when challenges arise. Plus added clarity for the management team, board, investors and lenders.

You want Lower Taxes

We provide:

Annual Tax Planning

Tax Ready books and records

This leads to returns done right, with all the supporting documents at the ready. Giving you increased take home cash, which improves your cash flow so you can continue to grow your business.

You want to make a difference

We put out fires so you can focus on your brand and your products. 

We are responsive, organized, accurate and dependable. And continue to look for ways to add value. 

This allows you to maintain the passion to do what you enjoy and to build something with lasting value.

You want Peace of mind

We provide:

DOPE CFO VIP Member systems that find an fix error and keep your books “audit ready”

DOPE CFO VIP Members are part of a world class network, with “big 4” level CFOs, CPAs, and resources

DOPE CFO VIP Members can get answers, ideas, and solutions to any owner issue

This lets you focus on your brand, your growth, your products, and doing what you love. Don’t lose sleep worrying about accounting, tax, HR, or compliance.

Know you are provided with world class knowledge and solutions!

Timely Response

I will reply to your emails or return your phone call within 2-3 days. I take pride and distinguish myself from others with my response time. I want you to know that I respect our relationship. You deserve a bookkeeping professional whom you can trust to call you back or return your email.

Proactive Guidance

We both know doing the books doesn’t directly make you any money… but it’s required and necessary.
Bookkeeping reports are based on HISTORICAL performance and are inherently reactive in nature. While bookkeeping is important, it’s not going to directly affect your profitability. Proactive guidance will! This enables you to affect change on the future of your business. In short, it gives you more cash in the bank.

Free Support

There’s no stopwatch on this relationship. If you have a question, or you need something...give me a call. Shoot me an email.
I never charge by the hour so you can contact me without worrying about being charged.

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