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Invest your time and efforts running your business. Leave the bookkeeping to me.

"Nick has been managing our finances since 2018. Our books are always in great order and our CPA firm commends Nick for doing such a great job. He is innovative in doing this all remotely and has streamlined our office procedures for our nursery that does over $1.5 million in business a year. I personally recommend Nick for any small business."

About NTG Bookkeeping

My name is Nicholas Thomson Giannola, the owner and founder of NTG Bookkeeping. For over half a decade I have been helping small business owners save TIME and MONEY through full charge bookkeeping services. 

Your business is your baby and you’ve raised it right! But your time is too valuable to be spent in the weeds of the day to day bookkeeping activities. Let’s be honest, you didn’t start a business to be a bookkeeper, you wanted to follow your passion and do the things that you love and do best.

A meticulous, pro-active bookkeeper, like me, can give you that time spent in the books back, and in turn, provide timely, accurate financial reports that help you create positive change and grow your business into the ideal company you’ve been visualizing.

My number one goal is to utilize my years of bookkeeping experience to provide the highest level of quality client service. I empower business owners with the knowledge and tools they need to strive and achieve continued success. 

Anyone, anywhere can run a business, but balancing your books will “Secure Your Future”! Let’s work together to foster profit and sustainability for your business, all while freeing up your time to do what you do best… Running Your Business!

Please reach out and let’s discuss how NTG Bookkeeping can help with all your bookkeeping needs.

"Nick has handled some of my worst clients and done it well."

What to Expect with NTG Bookkeeping

Timely Response

I will reply to your emails or return your phone call within 24 hours. I take pride and distinguish myself from others with my response time. I want you to know that I respect our relationship. You deserve a bookkeeping professional whom you can trust to call you back, or return your email.

Proactive Guidance

I'll find the story within your numbers. While bookkeeping is important, it is reactive in nature. So in addition to top notch bookkeeping, I provide custom financial reports, giving you greater insights into the financial health of your business.

Unlimited Support

There’s no stopwatch on this relationship. If you have a question, or you need something...give me a call. Shoot me an email.
I never charge by the hour so you can contact me without worrying about an extra charge or watching the clock.

Virtual Bookkeeping Services

Full Charge - Virtual Bookkeeping

We all know bookkeeping is something every business HAS to do. But that doesn’t mean YOU have to be the one doing it. I know you have a zillion other tasks on your list and bookkeeping is probably near the bottom or is being neglected all together.

With modern bookkeeping software, the role of the bookkeeper has changed. If your current bookkeeper is just doing basic data entry, you are missing out on key insights into your business. 

Don’t be stuck in the past and hire a 21st century bookkeeping professional. A bookkeeping professional, like me, that knows how to read and interpret your financial reports and give you actionable information!


Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor

Quickbooks Online Account Setup

Starting a new business? Or switching to Quickbooks Online from another software? Just moving over from Quickbooks Desktop.

Getting your books setup correctly is KEY to ensuring less hiccups as your business grows. 

Do you want the general chart of accounts that Quickbooks uses for every type of business? 

NO WAY! You want custom accounts, applicable to your business, so you can actually learn something from your financial reports and grow your business.

Now let’s get your accounts setup the right way! 

Account Clean Up - Catch Up

Have you gotten behind on your bookkeeping?

Not a problem, I can help categorize all those past transactions, reconcile your accounts and get your books back on track. 

Turn that big, looming task on your shoulders into a squeaky clean set of books and a true understanding of your business’s standing.

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Based in West Palm Beach, FL and remotely servicing clients nationwide!


(561) 264-2507


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